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Buccaneers Confraternity Supports Sight Savers

Sight Savers

Every year, Sightsavers support their partners to carry out millions of eye examinations and refer people for treatment to prevent blindness and restore sight. Through community volunteers in developing countries, they enable the distribution of medication to prevent blinding diseases. Sightsavers fund operations for people who need them, and train eye care workers and surgeons.

Sightsavers work with partners to train specialist teaching staff; supply glasses, Braille kits and other learning tools; and educate communities to reduce stigma around visual impairment and blindness. Because of Sightsavers, people who are visually impaired or have other disabilities are supported to live independently, get an education and earn an income.

Sightsavers work with national governments, strengthening systems that tackle the problems at the root of avoidable blindness – the sorts of things most of us take for granted, like access to clean water, sanitation facilities and education. They make changes for the long term, and help change systems from the inside to ensure support continues to be given to the people who need it.

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