• Buccaneers Confraternity pleads support for Sightsavers

    Donating to over 100 Children causes and charities in Nigeria, Africa and the World

  • buccaneers confraternity

    Dr Ameyo Adadevoh died in the battle to save Nigerians from the Ebola Virus

  • buccaneers confraternity

    Hunger is one of the worst enemies of man, we do our best to be our brothers keeper across tribes and tongues

  • buccaneers confraternity

    We say No to Child Marriage. Let our girls Grow

  • Steve Ivenso and Emeka Olieh Academic Grant

    This is bestowed yearly to the best overall Student Sealord in any University of Nigeria.

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Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Our Philosophy

We stand for love, orderliness, honesty, transparency, togetherness, championing and sharing each other's problems and positively seeking to solve them

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Help & Support

The Confraternity calls on individuals, organisations and corporate bodies to lend a helping hand in supporting some of our causes, putting a smile on the needy

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Join the Buccaneers Confraternity

Membership is open to adult males who are undergraduates and graduates of tertiary institutions

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Charities We Support

Raised: N22,400 Goal: N600,000

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is a British-based patient, healthcare professional and research charity

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Raised: N12,400 Goal: N1,000,000

Red Cross

Worldwide humanitarian organization providing assistance without discrimination as to nationality, race, or religious belief.

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Raised: N102,400 Goal: N2,000,000

Sight Savers

Sightsavers works to combat blindness in developing countries, restoring sight through specialist treatment

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Steve Ivenso and Emeka Olieh Academic Grant
Raised: N100,000 Goal: N100,000

SIEO Academic Grant

This SIEO ACADEMIC GRANT is bestowed yearly to the best overall Student Sealord in any University of Nigeria.

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Our Notable Nigerians

Cardinal Francis Arinze Vatican

Cardinal Francis Arinze is the most senior African cardinal at the Vatican. He is president of the Pontifical council for inter-religious Dialogue.

Hajia Gambo Sawaba Activist

Sawaba firced into marriage at the age of 16 came out of repression and sowed the seed for the on-going emancipation of African women from the African tradition

Grace Alele Williams Academician

In 1974 she became the first female professor of mathematics. she is one of the first Nigerian women to obtain a PhD in mathematics. She was also the country's first female vice-chancellor (University of Benin 1985-1991)

Chief Gani Fawehinmi Lawyer

A distinguished lawyer, acclaimed author, publisher and philanthropist, he is better known as a gadfly in conscience of many Nigerian governments military or civilian.

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