Buccaneers Confraternity responds to the False publication on Local Newspaper

Our attention has been drawn to the Vanguard story of October 30th 2015 titled :
' I was kidnapped and forced to join the Buccaneer Cult'

Below is our response. Please always contact us for statements and clarifications on stories like this. Our organization is a world wide organization and we are never involved in irresponsible activities such as those depicted in your news story. There are many individuals parading themselves as our members and they do not in anyway represent us.

Thank you.

I. Ojobor
Public Relations Officer for the Buccaneers Confraternity.


Dear all,

It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals who claim to be members of the Buccaneers Confraternity or who were allegedly "kidnapped" by people claiming to be Buccaneers are currently in Police custody after they were arrested with firearms in their possession. First, we want to commend the Police for their work in arresting these individuals. Secondly, we call on the Police to make sure that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

Furthermore please be aware that the individuals, Damilola Adeyemi and Ibrahim Oyelakin are not, have never been, and will never be members of the Buccaneers Confraternity. They are two of the many imposters among the public parading themselves as members of our organization and engaging in the extortion of unsuspecting members of the public with promises of admitting them into an organization that they themselves are not members of.

We are aware that many miscreants and irresponsible individuals parade themselves as our members and take the opportunity to lure and extort money from other individuals with promises of making them members of our organization.

For the avoidance of doubt, admission into Confraternity is not carried out by students on campus or by any one individual or group of individuals purporting to represent us. Beware of such imposters. We have a centralized admission procedure which can be found on our website. Information for admission into our organization can only be obtained by contacting and receiving a response from the webmaster at www.alorasealords.com or by visiting us on Facebook at our official page at Buccaneers Confraternity and communicating with the Administrators.

We advise that if anyone tells you that he can either admit you into our organization or facilitate your admission, you check with us by visiting our website at www.alorasealords.com or by contacting us through Facebook.

We also advise any person or group of persons in any tertiary institution who parade themselves as our admission officers to desist from doing so forthwith as we will continue to partner with Law Enforcement Agencies to crack down on Imposters.

We remain proud of our organization. We will not be deterred by the continued attempt by some to tarnish our image. We will continue to focus on our noble humanitarian efforts in alleviating the plight of the less privileged, donating money and support to very many causes of charity across the globe where we find ourselves. We will continue to mold fine gentlemen, instilling in them the virtues of good citizenship and the value of hardwork.

We will continue to remain a brotherhood where membership spreads across tribes and tongues. A brotherhood which is a model for a peaceful society where individuals of diverse backgrounds coexist peacefully while pursuing the same noble objectives.

All members of the Buccaneers Confraternity should continue to go about their daily affairs and as always remain law abiding and model citizens.

Grand Eye
Buccaneers Confraternity